apollo farms webApollo Farms
At Apollo Farms you’ll learn the basics about horse care while un-mounted. You’ll learn the equipment and how to tack up. Each ride starts out in a fenced-in arena. For the timid the ring is often a comfortable alternative. For those who would like to go out on the trail, a guide rides with you to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

All the horses and staff are trained and experienced. Trail rides are approximately 90-minutes and cost $55.95 per person, plus tax. For the non-horse friends in your group/family, a full-stocked pond is located on-site for PA-licensed fishing. A fee of $19.95 is charged for access to fish and keep.
3070 Summer Mountain Rd., Palmerton, PA 18071
(610) 900-4120 apollofarmsltd.com

Crystal Cave
Discover Historic Crystal Cave in Lehigh Valley,  named after the shining calcium crystals that were carved slowly by nature through the passage of time. Visitors enjoy a 55-minute guided and interpretive tour, after a brief movie showcasing the history of the cave and the geology of caves. Trained guides will lead you through an array of spectacular milky white stalactites, stalagmites, pillar & dripstone formations enhanced by indirect lighting.
963 Crystal Cave Rd., Kutztown, PA 19530 (610) 683-6765 www.crystalcavepa.com
The Ice Princess
The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, the professional theatre at DeSales University, presents a new adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”. With a charming cast of forest friends, a young princess brings the warmth of healing to the cold - and discovers her own strength as she seeks to help a loved one.
Location: DeSales University, The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts 2755 Station Ave., Center Valley, PA 18034 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, call for dates.

Hound of Baskervilles
Unleashed, unearthly, and unbelievably funny, this “Hound” is a comic thriller. The Sherlock Holmes story gets a makeover by renowned “Brit wits” Steven Canny and John Nicholson. Three actors play 16 roles in a “comedy atlas, using slapstick, witty wordplay, sight gags, disappearing pants, physical comedy, playful props and direct address to the audience.” Why are the Baskerville male heirs so susceptible to dying so young? Is it really a curse? And what about those paw prints? (610) 282-3192
DeSales University, The Labuda Center for the Performing Arts, 2755 Station Ave., Center Valley, PA 18034, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, call for dates.

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