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 January 11, 2017 Crossword Puzzle with Answer







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Fill In The Blank With The Correct Animal To Complete These Popular Phrases

1.    Take the        by the horns.
2.    He’s a night    .
3.    Keep the    back from the door.
4.          in your bonnet?
5.    You let the    out of the bag.
6.    This room looks like a    -sty.
7.    I’ve got bigger    to fry.    
8.    I don’t have a    in that circus.
9.    Life’s a    race.
10.    Let that sleeping        lie.
11.    Quiet as a    .
12.    Don’t count your    before they hatch.
13.    Have a        of a time!
14.    A    in the ointment.
15.    Poor Joe, he looks    -pecked.
16.    She’s just crying        tears.
17.    Quit cold        .
18.    See ya later,        .
19.    Eyes like a        .
20.    Like water off a        ’s back

Answers below


1.    In what battle did General McAuliffe say “Nuts?”
2.    During WWI, what did the German Army issue its paunch officers?
3.    During WWII, what was the “Wolf Pack?”
4.    Who landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969?
5.    What was the name of the first American mail order firm?
6.    With what industry was Andrew Carnegie associated?
7.    Which U.S. president used the slogan “New Frontier?”
8.    In 1938, Mussolini banned all American cartoon comics in Italy except one. Who was this character?
9.    In what city is Abraham Lincoln buried?
10.    What U.S. president used the slogan “Square Deal?”
11.    Name the place where over 100 ships and planes have disappeared.
12.    Which U.S. Naval officer said, “Don’t give up the ship?”
13.    Who piloted the first airplane to exceed the speed of sound?
14.    Who was the “Bard of Avon?”
15.    Who said, “Go west, young man?”
16.    In what city is Ford Motor Co.’s world headquarters?
17.    Within five years, how often does Halley’s comet reappear?
18.    What is the center of the theater district in London called?

Fill in the Animals Answers below.

1.    Bull
2.    Owl
3.    Wolf
4.    Bee
5.    Cat
6.    Pig
7.    Fish
8.    Monkey
9.    Rat
10.    Dog
11.    Mouse
12.    Chickens
13.    Whale
14.    Fly
15.    Hen
16.    Crocodile
17.    Turkey
18.    Alligator
19.    Hawk
20.    Duck


Quizzicals Answers
1.    Battle Of The Bulge
2.    Corsets
3.    German Submarine Fleet
4.    Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin
5.    Mont. Ward
6.    Steel
7.    JFK
8.    Mickey Mouse
9.    Springfield, Illinois
10.    T. Roosevelt
11.    Bermuda Triangle
12.    Capt. James Lawrence
13.    Major Chas. Yeager
14.    William Shakespeare
15.    Horace Greeley
16.    Dearborn, Michigan
17.    76 Years
18.    Piccadilly Circus



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