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Lifestyles over 50 now serves seniors, boomers and caregivers in Bucks and Montgomery County region with a directory of senior services like assisted living, home care, adult day services, and more. The quarterly publication also includes an array of articles, games, events and more. Check community locations in the Buxmont area to pick up your copy. 

Readers can also search online for additional resource and video content. Professionals also use Lifestyles over 50 to help advise seniors and families on aging and care issues. 

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Artis Senior Living Celebrates Grand Opening of First Community in PA


Artis Senior Living’s celebrated the grand opening of its first memory care community in Pennsylvania, Artis Senior Living of Huntingdon Valley at 2085 Lieberman Drive on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

The new 72-suite residence will be the first freestanding memory care community in Lower Moreland Township. The community is comprised of four neighborhoods – Penn House, Pennypack Creek, Fetter’s Mill, and Huntingdon Station – that create an intimate environment with familiar living spaces.

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Things to do with Grandkids October 2016

Apple 325x215Rainy day, stuck at home or bored? This these ideas:

Turn your living room into a campsite by building a pillow fort. Children will be crawling in and out, bending, lifting, and having a great time. Despite how it may look, it’s not difficult to clean up afterward.
Play a game of coin critters. Take coins from your pocket or purse, lay them out on a piece of paper, and have your child draw arms, legs, and other body parts to create a creature. Help her total up the value of the coins and write it beside the creature. Add or take away coins to form new shapes and figure out the new sums.

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Understanding Grandparents with Dementia

grandkids 01 325X215One of the greatest joys in life is the relationship between a grandchild and grandparent. Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to spend time and really know their grandparents due to any number of factors, including having a deceased grandparent, geographic separation, and increasingly more common --- the effects of dementia.

Dementia robs an individual of their personality and dramatically alters the relationships of those around them – spouses, children, and grandchildren. Dementia is particularly painful for those who witness the harrowing transformation from who they were into who they are with dementia. The silver lining is that they had the opportunity to know the individual.

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What’s Your Happiness Quotient?

happy couples 325x215Did you know that helping others can make you happier and more fulfilled? In fact, studies have shown that the more folks volunteer, the happier (and healthier) they are. So if you’re ready to break out of your routine and create more joy, why not explore volunteer opportunities that are interesting and rewarding and include the added benefit of providing some - one with the ultimate gift: your time.

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Know Your Neighbors

woman smiling 325x215Artis Senior Living Takes Extraordinary Measures to Understand Its Residents

Many senior living communities have impeccable facilities and upscale amenities to attract new residents. Having a beautiful, well-maintained home is important, but the quality of care is vital, especially when seeking a home to care for a loved one with dementia. Artis Senior Living, a national leader in memory care living, offers both.

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Is It Dementia Or Just Old Age?

dementia question 325x215When we get older things change. We look different, and we feel different. In normal aging our bodies and our brains slow down. We maintain our intelligence, but our brains change. We are less physically and mentally flexible, and we take more time to process information. Our memory changes as well, and it’s more difficult to remember names, places and other things as we age. So what are specific examples of normal, old-age forgetfulness?

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