Lifestyles over 50 Coming to Chester and Delaware Counties

Lifestyles over 50 is excited to announce that we will be publishing a new issue serving Chester and Delaware Counties. Look for issues early in 2020 at local doctors' offices, libraries, hospitals, fitness centers, and other community locations. The Chester and Delaware County issue will follow the Lifestyles over 50 tradition of encouraging vibrant and healthy living with current articles, a calendar of events, games, puzzles, trivia, and other valuable resources.

The Godfather

cross webJune. It’s the sixth month of the Gregorian calendar. It’s the name of everyone’s favorite housewife, Mrs. Cleaver. The month of June was named after Juno, the queen of the Roman goddesses. It has romantic connotations, in that it is often used in love poems because it rhymes with moon, spoon, croon, tune, baboon, and countless other words, apparently not all of which are romantic! There are more weddings in June than any other month. “June” brings up 571,000,000 hits on Google.

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Get Your Tail on the Trail Is Great Outdoor Exercise

trail hike walking walker webJoin Today to Track Your Progress and Earn Prizes Outdoor exercise has its own benefits. It strengthens your body, boosts your energy, promotes better sleep, and improves your mood, just to name a few. But when motivation is lacking, it never hurts to get a “atta boy" or "attagirl” for your efforts.

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Hi Honey! I'm Home! TV Dads, Then and Now

Father Knows Best cast 1954 webAverage family life in the United States has changed over the decades, to the point where the term "normal family" is no longer comprehensible. As society has changed, so has its most visible manifestation: the TV show. Whether art imitates life or life imitates art, the portrayal of family members, including fathers, has morphed over the past half-century or so. From fathers who are the head of the family (the original name of "The Dick Van Dyke Show") to fathers who talk to cars and horses, to fathers who haven't a clue, TV has held up an electronic mirror to society in all its forms.

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Masters of Mirth, Gurus of Guffaws (Part 1)

I Love Lucy Cast webAlthough comedy is difficult to define, it is not hard to recognize. Here are some of the best from radio, TV, stand-up, and movies — those who worked hard to make it look easy. We don't know what fruit it was that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden, but if it was a banana, it's likely that one of them slipped on the peel — and comedy was born. Unlikely scenarios aside, comedy in its many facets has been around forever.

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Plan Your Outdoor Workouts with Special Care

outdoor workout web"The outdoors is calling you to step up your exercise routine. It promises to deliver sights, smells, and sounds to distract you so you might even forget you’re exercising," says John Graham, Senior Network Administrator of St. Luke’s Fitness and Sports Performance.
“The great outdoors offers health benefits that can’t be duplicated, beginning with every breath you take,” he says. “There’s no cleaner air than what’s outside. But that’s not all. When you’re exercising outdoors, you must use the bones and muscles of your own body to support you and to ambulate. There are no treadmills or machines to help you move.”

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How to Deal with Unwanted Phone Calls

angry phone telephone webWhy do I keep getting calls at all hours of the day? I’m on the Do Not Call List. Why doesn’t that help? We hear these complaints from older adults and their families when they call to report a healthcare or consumer fraud scam. In addition to being a near-constant annoyance, phone solicitations are a main conduit through which scammers reach their targets. According to a 2020 report from Truecaller, about 56 million Americans received some type of unwanted call. Approximately $19.7 billion were lost to phone scams in the U.S. This is a growing trend — and according to telecom experts, this trend shows no signs of diminishing any time soon.

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