LVAAS bulding webHumankind has been looking up at the night sky forever in awe and wonder. The earliest records of this date back thousands of years — Cave drawings have been found showing constellations, to which some cultures gave names of gods and animals. Others used the movement of the sun and stars to determine when to plant and when to harvest. At the same time, astronomers were asking questions about the nighttime sky — especially, “What’s out there?” Astronomy is an ever-changing science as we learn more and more about not just the Milky Way Galaxy that we live in, but our entire universe. Aristotle learned that the world was round by studying the phases of Venus. He noticed it would cycle like our moon. The famous Hubble Telescope Deep Field image is a great example of our knowledge being changed forever. Hubble was pointed at an area of the sky about the size of a postage stamp, expecting not to see too much. To our amazement, the image was filled with thousands of galaxies pictured at right.

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assisted living webWellness, Comfort, and Endless Possibilities! The Lutheran Home at Topton, located within the rolling countryside of Berks County, is a community filled with activity and connections. We provide countless ways to lead a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Life at our community offers generous opportunities to enjoy friendships, improve your health, and nurture your passions. Our cheerful and sophisticated residents enjoy a variety of well-designed homes and a lifestyle that is truly worry-free.

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prayer bible cross webI will never forget the moment when I began to preach to an empty room when we recorded the 2020 Easter sermon. It was surreal! Everything was changing for the next few months — so we thought! However, the global pandemic continues to impact our lives, and we continue to learn how to survive and thrive with each a new challenge.

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