Lifestyles over 50 has compiled a list of National and Local Discounts available.

This data can change without notice so please verify the discounts with the establishments listed.

You can choose either "National Senior Discounts"  or "Local Senior Discounts" from the Submenu under "Senior Discounts"

seniorcouple1 webFor many years organizations like AAA and AARP have negotiated discounts for members and seniors with national companies. At the local level there are numerous businesses in our community that offer “senior discounts”, although no organization has compiled them into one list.

At the request of readers, and in good Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, we have finally started a list of local businesses that offer senior discounts. This listing does not represent any coupons or discounts that Lifestyles over 50 negotiated with businesses, rather it is a simple listing of businesses that offered senior discounts at the time of the list’s compilation. This list is important to us because many retirees are on fixed incomes yet face increasing annual expenses. With this in mind, please know that discounts may not be available at all locations, may change or become unavailable for any reason.

A Few Tips for Receiving Discounts
Ask if a business continues to honor its discount policy. If so, be prepared to show proof of eligibility, i.e. Driver’s License, AARP card. 
Confirm the age one needs to be to receive the discount and if there is a qualifier (day/time of the week). Many businesses have “senior discounts” but define the term senior differently (over 55, over 62, over 65, etc.)
If a business is not on the list, ask them anyway if they have senior discounts. If you find a discount that we do not have listed, let us know! 
Remember, discounts change or may be eliminated.

This list is only for informational purposes and businesses can change their discounts at their discretion.

Not eligible for a senior discount?
In our research we found that numerous businesses offer active military and veterans discounts. In many cases, these discounts were higher and more common than the senior discount. Similarly, you may be part of another group like your employer, bank, health club, church, or other organization that receives a discount with that business.

If all else fails then ask if there are ANY discounts or 
coupons available. It never hurts to ask! You will be surprised at what you find. Happy shopping!

Important Notice
Merchants have no obligation to extend discounts to any patron. Lifestyles over 50 and THRIVE, LLC disclaims any and all liability in the event a merchant goes out of business or refuses to honor savings for any reason, such as printing mistakes, or damages resulting from a discount listing user’s attempts to cause a merchant to honor discounts.