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Lifestyles over 50 works with numerous local and national experts in a variety of industries, including health care, elder care, financial services, and other professions. Here we allow them to write on topics that they feel are important to their patients and clients. Similarly, you can interact with them and ask them questions.


Jeff Tintle, Lifestyles over 50

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Growing up next to wonderful grandparents, Jeff fostered a love for the older generation. They were generous, fun loving and lived out the meaning of discipline. At the age of 11, Jeff became a paperboy and quickly learned about entrepreneurship. He respected the older customers on his route, and out of courtesy he offered to help them. As time went on, his help became a small, lucrative business helping neighborhood seniors cut their grass, wash their car and any other tasks they needed.

Ten years later, Jeff continued helping the same neighbors even as he attended college and started a career in banking. Growing weary of life in finance, Jeff retired from banking at age 25 and started Lifestyles over 50. With no publishing experience, no advertising background or marketing degree Jeff diligently grew Lifestyles over 50. To make up for his lack of industry knowledge, local connections and deficit in age, Jeff volunteered wherever possible to gain credibility. It is with this hard work and spirit of community services that Lifestyles over 50 continues to flourish in helping boomers and seniors live well.

Jeff Tintle is a trusted advisor, board member and advisory council to numerous nonprofit and private businesses.

In his free time Jeff enjoys running half marathons (more enjoyable than the full distance), mountain biking through Penn's Woods, and travelling abroad. Most of all he enjoys activities with his family -- either a day trip or a leisurely barbeque at home.

Click to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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