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Lifestyles over 50 Expert Contributors

Lifestyles over 50 works with numerous local and national experts in a variety of industries, including health care, elder care, financial services, and other professions. Here we allow them to write on topics that they feel are important to their patients and clients. Similarly, you can interact with them and ask them questions.


Alan Allegra, Lifestyles over 50

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Alan is currently editor of Lifestyles over 50 magazine. He has contributed devotional articles to the magazine since its inception. He was raised in the little town of Oakland, NJ. Alan went to Boston to attend Emerson College; in the meantime, his parents moved to Glen Rock, NJ, but he found out about it. After not graduating from college, Alan didn't graduate from the Orson Welles Film School in Cambridge, MA (because they closed), but did graduate from Mass Radio and Electronics School (which subsequently closed). Alan has been writing all his life, starting with phony doctor's excuses and poems about imaginary girls, graduating to song parodies and Bible lessons and devotionals. He likes editing the magazine because it gives him the opportunity to correct other people's mistakes for a change. Alan has been active with senior ministries for many years, including the Salvation Army and entertaining and addressing church groups. Alan and his wife, Lynda, live in Bethlehem, PA. They have six cats — buried in the backyard.

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