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Scientists have measured music’s effect on brain activity. While functions like math and reading affect specific parts of the brain, listening to music sets off multiple areas of the brain. But the more interesting part is that when you actually play an instrument your brain has what is often called a “full body workout”.

The brain works out several parts of the brain in intricate interrelated and astonishingly fast sequences. Why is this? Playing an instrument engages practically every area of the brain at once. As with any physical exercise, whenever you practice music you strengthen your brain functions. Playing requires coordination of your motor skills which are located on both sides of your brain. Practicing requires you to coordinate several tasks. You not only have the physical act of practicing you also work to understand the content of the musical piece as well as its emotional context.  

All this work carries over into your regular life. A more active and engaged brain allows you to perform many of your day to day tasks more effectively and efficiently. Your level of concentration increases so you have better attention to detail and are able to handle multiple tasks more easily.

You ability to memorize and remember, which is so much a part of music, will carry over into your daily life. The study of music’s affects on the brain has shown that the benefits of playing a music instrument can enhance your life in several ways. So what are you waiting for? We all have a spark of the musician in us so expand your horizons and give your brain a boost. Learn how to sing, play the piano, strum a guitar - it’s all good for you.

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