senior man confused about medications webMost seniors are able to age in place in their homes for many years, but there comes a time when one’s quality of life is better in a senior living environment. Sometimes a fall or significant memory issues can trigger the transition to senior living, but the most difficult circumstances occur when seniors have no triggering events. Families often wonder ‘for how long is it safe to allow mom or dad to live at home’? Are you worried about a loved one and think they may need Assisted Living? Here are some signs to that can indicate the time has come.

Neglecting personal care.
This can range from appearing disheveled and unkempt to signs of not bathing. Are they wearing dirty clothes or wearing the same thing all the time?

Letting things go around the house.
This can include things like clutter, piles of laundry, spoiled food, dying plants, dirty dishes that appear to have been sitting for a long time, overflowing trash, or even neglecting pet care.

Changes in personality.
If your loved one is withdrawing from friends and social activities or giving up hobbies, it could be serious. Do you sense they feel isolated, lonely, or depressed? Do they rarely leave the house? Do they lack interest in things they used to enjoy?

Safety issues such as worsening mobility, increasing danger from falls and accidents, inability to properly manage medications, difficult getting up from a seated position, forgetting to turn off the oven or stove,
struggling with going up and down stairs.

Changes in eating habits.
Skipping meals can be a sign that they’re struggling with shopping or preparing meals. Look around the kitchen; do you find stale, expired, or spoiled foods, or multiples of items (for example, more cereal or juice than they need)? Are they losing weight (lack of interest in food, perhaps) or gaining weight (forgetting they ate and eating again)?

Overall cognitive decline.
This can include lack of sound judgment, difficulty following directions, increased confusion, or requiring lots of prompts and reminders.
Driving issues. If they’re still driving, do they drive erratically? Have you seen unexplained dents or scratches on the car? In addition to being a sign for assisted living, it may also be a sign that it’s time to take away the keys!

Wrestling with finances.
Are the bills piling up? Are bank accounts overdrawn? Are there final notices or calls from creditors? This may be evidence that your loved one may have fallen victim to a scam. Do you see stacks of receipts or thank you letters from numerous charitable
organizations, or bills that have been paid multiple times?

If you’re seeing some of these behaviors in your loved one, call Graceful Senior Solutions at 215-539-9185 for a no-obligation consultation. There is no charge to you. Our goal is to help your loved one and give you peace of mind.

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