Fall 2017 buxmont Senior ServicesSo, the time has come for you or your loved one to move to a senior living community. Whether you or your loved one need to downsize from a large home or if they need Assisted Living or Memory Care, you now need to help them find their new home. Chances are you’ve never had to do this for yourself or a loved one before. You’re stressed out and confused you may not have much time to decide. What should you do??

You have several options…
1. Go on line and do your own research. That’s ok, but do you have the time to do all this research? Do you know what to look for? You’ll come across all sorts of nice websites depicting communities in your area. Now ask yourself these questions….Will these communities be appropriate for your loved one? What services do they offer? How much do they cost?
Who do I ask for when I call? Can I be sure that I’ll be looking at all available options? Etc., etc…
2. Look in the Yellow Pages or a Senior Directory for listings under “Retirement Communities,” “Assisted Living,” “Memory Care,” etc. That’s great too, but you’ll have the same questions that are listed above! Where do you start??
3. Ask friends, neighbors or co-workers what they would do. Perhaps they have had a loved one in a senior community or they may know someone who does. It can be helpful to ask around, but remember that their comments will be totally subjective and based solely upon their experiences with their loved one at that particular community.
Obviously, all of these options are flawed. So, what should you do? Quite simply, you should enlist the help of a qualified professional by calling a senior living referral service! This should be your first and only step! Finding a senior living community for yourself or a loved one is a major life decision. Why would you go through a process like this on your own without any direction or insight? Would you look for a house on your own without the assistance of a qualified real estate professional? Of course not! The same holds true for senior living.
A quality referral service should be familiar with all the communities in the area. They should know the services they offer, pricing, amenities, and the community representatives. The referral service can help you narrow down your options based upon needs, resources and preferences at the very outset of your search! They can also connect you to the appropriate people at the communities and help you ask the right questions. They should also offer to accompany you on visitations and introduce you to the community representatives.
A good referral service can take the stress out of your search and guide you through the community search and selection process. By utilizing a qualified referral service, you’ll save time, stress and money. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made the best possible decision for your loved one!
Clark Shuster is the owner of Graceful Senior Solutions, a locally owned senior living referral service dedicated to helping seniors and their families throughout the Delaware Valley. Graceful Senior Solutions provides their services to families at no charge. Fees are paid by participating communities.

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