Nest in Place Man with laptop webCOVID-19 has dominated not only the headlines, but also the headspace of people across the planet. Physical restrictions and perceived limitations have dramatically altered the routines of life.
Unfortunately, the presence of the coronavirus has not created the absence of other diseases, accidents, and injuries that also cause people to seek medical care. As individuals receive care and transition between hospital, rehab facility, and home, they can now do so with greater peace of mind.

Nest in Place is a team of community coordinators who assist seniors with remaining independent and safe in their home. This includes services like assisting with activities of daily living, home safety, transportation, and medication management. In addition to addressing physical needs, the team of professionals also provides peace of mind for families who need guidance, patient advocacy, and general help navigating the system.
While they are compassionate, they can give clarity and objective advice to an anxious family about an aging loved one. Nest in Place partners with families to fill in where they cannot, whether in a long-distance caregiving situation, respite for family caregivers, or being the primary caregiver for busy families. Not only does their service mitigate fears — it saves families headaches by offering them the best options for their loved one’s care.

Nest in Place’s team is experienced and skilled beyond their primary roles as caregivers. One of the owners, Karen Paules, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and oversees all new client intakes and on-going assessments. Additionally, they have on staff several LPNs and a physical therapy assistant (PTA). This means they can facilitate a speedy return home and can also identify early signs of health issues and decrease the chance of rehospitalization.

Recently, a client raved about their services, "I had a severe infection in my body for at least 2 months and they managed it and again, literally saved my life. They organized appointments, talked to my Drs. office, insurance company, physical therapist, and pharmacies. They advocated my every need.”
Nest in Place helps seniors, whether they are in transition or already in position. “It is our goal to see the seniors in our community live well and to be the trusted solution for their needs, especially during these tough times,” says Dr. Paules.

For more information about Nest in Place, visit or call 610-968-1687 to discuss your situation.

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