When you engage in hobbies you can leave your worries behind and recharge your batteries. Whatever your hobby it can take you away from everyday issues that can have a detrimental effect on your body and mind. A relaxing hobby can have a calming effect that allows you to get yourself back on track.


Take a Break

Hobbies allow you to take a break, but a break with a purpose. If you like being productive here is your chance to take a break and still be productive. If you are making something you will see the fruits of your labor when your task is complete. You are doing something while still having fun. Hobbies are great ways to take a break from your busy life while still having a sense of purpose.

You need to remember that you have a life other than work. Hobbies show us how important it is to take time for ourselves and rejuvenate our mind and spirit. By distancing yourself from the everyday pressures of life you get perspective – you  see the big picture. It gives you a chance to smell the roses.

Hobbies Provide “Positive Stress”
You get positive stress when you are doing something you love—something you don’t have to do for any other reason other than you love it.

Hobbies as a Social Outlet.
With a hobby you get to meet a new people, people who find the same thing enjoyable that you do. Having a more social life improves one’s health and mental outlook. You can talk and interact with people who understand your interest in your hobby. This also provides a vehicle for learning more and improving yourself at your hobby.
Hobbies Have Physical Health Benefits.
Research has found that engaging in enjoyable activities during down time were associated with lower blood pressure, total cortisol, waist circumference, and body mass index. Engaging in these activities also correlated to higher levels of positive psychosocial states and lower levels of depression and negative affect. Hobbies are good for your mind and your body.

Hobbies Offer a New Challenge.
Hobbies break up routines and challenge you in new ways, ways that are different from work, ways that are positive. The great thing about picking up a new hobby is that it provides an excellent outlet for challenging yourself without the negative stress that comes from a work-related challenge. The new challenge can also open your mind to new ways of seeing the world.

Hobbies Promote Staying Present.
“Time flies when you are having fun”. If you really love what you’re doing, you tend to get in the flow or zone and really, truly focus on the moment.

Popular Hobbies:
Although not at all comprehensive, here is a list of ideas to consider.
Reading, Family Time, Fishing, Gardening, Walking, Hunting, Team Sports, Sewing,
Golf, Music, Playing Music, Crafts, Bicycling, Playing Cards, Hiking, Swimming
Camping, Skiing, Animal Care, Painting, Dancing, Tennis, Theater, Cars
Other favorites include:
Volunteering, Church Activities,     Horseback Riding

You never know where a hobby may lead you (new and interesting people, the time of your life, or maybe even a whole new career!).

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