My Journey to Health Through Weight Loss

Tim Schmoyer 2 webI have been overweight my whole life. I chalked it up to the mix of my genetics and my fast-paced lifestyle. I remember as a boy shopping for clothes in the husky section, which at first I thought was wild and cool until I learned what “husky” meant. Twelve years ago, at a routine doctor visit, my blood pressure was high; my doctor prescribed medication and told me to lose weight. But the meds worked, so I didn’t fuss with the other part.

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How to Determine Which ERs Provide Best Geriatric Care

Justin Binstead webFew people give much thought to emergency care. But unless your life is in imminent danger, you might benefit from a bit of research to determine which nearby emergency department is best prepared to meet the specialized needs of older adults.

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My Journey Into, and My Rescue From, Type 2 Diabetes

stomach sweets candy webAbout 30 years ago, after a routine blood test, my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I was not sure what she meant, so she explained that my blood sugar level was hovering around the lower end of the mark that is considered Type 2 Diabetes. At the time, I did not worry much because, of course, I felt I was invincible. Well, I was not invincible. Not long after the initial diagnosis, I was officially a Type 2 diabetic.

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Financial Assistance for Funeral Expenses to Families of COVID Victims

covid image webI am writing this article to share with others who have lost a loved one to COVID. This is information that I personally have used and I want to help others to secure finances if needed.

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Spring Cleaning Fever

Spices webSpring can represent a new day; some say it is dawn in the wheel of the year. For me, I always have a feeling of restlessness and excitement, an urgency to get outside. I look around and see what I want to accomplish to prepare my home for spring. Please note I used the word “want,” not “need.”

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Not Your Father’s Colonoscopy: Latest Methods Ease Procedure, Prep

Grandpa on beachCMYKIf it’s time for another colonoscopy, and it’s been more than five years since your last one, you might be in for a pleasant surprise, said Sarina Kapoor, MD, of St. Luke’s Gastroenterology. Advances in preparation products and the procedure have improved effectiveness and patient comfort. The rates of colorectal cancer have been falling for people 50 and older over the past 20 years, primarily because of efforts to encourage screening tests, especially colonoscopy.

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