DorneyPark Seaside Splashworks webLet 'em Loose! Let's face it — kids are bundles of energy. They have probably been cooped up during the pandemic, and are like kernels of popcorn, waiting to explode with the heat of summer! With most restrictions lifted, there are a lot of places to go to leap, learn, and let loose! Just be sure to check these locations for restrictions first so you won't be disappointed.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Need we say more? Dorney is open and bigger than ever! There are minor health protocols in place, but there is also a new feature: Seaside Splashworks, a beach-themed multi-level play structure featuring more than 75 play elements to engage the entire family for hours.
Would your grandkids like to celebrate their birthday with a bunch of animals (no reflection on their friends, of course!)? This is just one of the options at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. You can encounter so many animals that will entertain and educate the entire family. There are even special Father's Day events.
Your kids or grandkids may not know what "adrenaline" is, but they will feel it at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix! They offer an action-packed, adrenaline-filled indoor go kart racing experience for everyone ages 8 – 101! This is better than driving on Route 22!
Long before Bethlehem Steel dominated the Lehigh Valley's industrial culture, a number of other industries dotted the region, and they now serve as educational sites. Haines Mill on Cedar Creek displays early farm technology. Lockridge Furnace Museum is a coal-burning iron furnace in Alburtis that helped move the country into industrial greatness. Saylor Park Cement Kilns in Coplay were erected in 1893 to produce cement for a growing America.
What was life like back then? Visit elegant Historic 1770 Trout Hall to see Allentown's oldest home. Historic 1756 Troxell-Steckel Farm Museum and Historic 1893 Claussville School give a glimpse of rural life that may make the kids thankful for what they have.
You can't hang around the Valley without something "Dutch." Bethlehem is home to DutchSprings, a 50-acre lake, with attractions at depths up to 100 feet. If you can do it in water, you can do it at this extraordinary park!
Go from under water to underground at Historic Crystal Cave in Kutztown. This great underground cave is known for its abundance of milky white formations 125 feet underground that have thrilled visitors for over 145 years.
Do your grandchildren have an interest in a particular occupation? Here's an idea: Why not make an appointment to tour a place of interest with them? Maybe a police station or firehouse. They can learn respect for these public servants. A tour of a hospital or even a funeral parlor could be enlightening and memorable. Backstage at a theater, radio or television station could inspire a future celebrity! Doesn't hurt to give the place a call, and it may solidify your grandkid's calling in life!

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