As adults, we subconsciously prepare for our parents to age. Of course, we all know that our parents are going to get older but that doesn't mean we know what that quite means until it happens. You may notice some subtle changes in your parents as they get older, such as being unable to see the TV like they used to or being unable to hear you when you call their name. There can be other changes, too, such as balance issues and difficulty performing everyday tasks.

Where possible, seniors will often try to hide those changes from happening so that their families are unaware that they are struggling. It's the nature of the beast; Nobody ever wants to admit that something is wrong and nobody wants to consider that in-home medical care could be the best option because it means that they have to face their own mortality and their age. It's not a simple thing, and knowing the signs to lookout for and the types of care available can help you to prepare for the future.


  • You notice that your parents are struggling with daily tasks. They are finding it hard to get in and out of the bathtub these days, and they are struggling with their general grooming. Your mum, who has always been a stickler for presentation, is no longer able to brush her hair. Your dad is struggling to walk from room to room without leaning heavily on the walls. They may already be reliant on medical care, but what else can they need help with?

  • A previously spotless home has become a mess. Neglecting household responsibilities is difficult as people get older, because they've got so used to doing things a certain way and their home looks a certain way that for it looks a mess can be a sticky issue. They don't like the way that it looks, but they are also unable to do anything about it.

  • You are noticing physical changes. If your parents are losing weight rapidly, they could be struggling with swallowing their food. This is a medical issue that needs some help because this is difficult to manage. If your parents are no longer cooking for themselves properly, or taking their medications, they may need some additional help.

  • Give notice that they've become quite forgetful. If you notice that your parents are forgetting simple things, such as brushing their teeth or going to appointments, it could be a sign that they need some of your help.

  • The mood swings very rapidly. Behavior changes including apathy, low mood, agitation and irritability are all things that you need to be aware of that you should seek help. If you are not seeking help for these issues, your parents are going to suffer in the long term.


As hard as it is for you to seek help for your parents, it's so difficult for them to seek help from you. The key is in being aware of your surroundings and what's happening to them when it happens.

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