Digital art is about using your skills and creating artwork using digital technology. There are numerous software and tools that help to create aesthetically beautiful art. You can use a tablet or Stylus to create or draw spectacular artwork. Art has reached the next level, and the ability to sell digital art online has changed the game. Also, now it has become a highly profitable business for artists.  

Digital artwork is skill-based work, and it is more than just a hobby. You can increase your earnings to six figures and even more if you master the art of selling digital art. You can sell on major online platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc. But first, you must know some important points before taking your art out to sell online.


Choose the best platforms

Various platforms allow you to sell digital art, and you can compare the best ones depending on the commissions they offer, the audience they target, and their features. By choosing a dedicated online selling marketplace, you can reach a bigger audience at a global level without investing a lot of time and money. 

Before selecting an online platform, you must have creative and innovative digital art ideas to consider. Based on research, you can create a portfolio or a gallery of fine artworks on any marketplace. A digital portfolio includes painting, sketches, graphics, motion graphics and audio. 

Presentation is the key

Depending on the platform you choose to sell your artwork, you must know that presentation makes a big difference. Showcasing your artwork in a well-organized way has a lasting impression on potential buyers. You must design a great website that places all the necessary details about your work that customers need to know before making a purchase.

To match pace with the increasing competition, you must aim to design a visually appealing website. Include a pleasing description in your words explaining the artwork in detail. If you plan to display the artwork on Etsy, you must have a PNG format of the digital artwork. You can also sell audio and video files on these websites. 

Know your audience

When considering selling online, you must know everything about the audience you will sell to. Know about the trends people are following and how you will approach them. Based on your research, you can target the real-time audience more effectively. 

When you have clarity about the audience and their choices, you can work on a particular niche and start working on it. With all these factors in mind, you will be able to sell your digital art online. Having no knowledge about the audience and their choice is like walking aimlessly without having any direction.

Customer is the king

You must have top-quality and original artwork for an online business to succeed. You can attract customers by adopting different marketing strategies like first-time purchase discounts and offering free digital downloads in customizable fonts or formats. You can also put a challenge and offer freebies to the winner.

You can also provide instruction files telling the customers how to download digital files from the account. To increase online sales and stay ahead in the competition, you must prioritize the new and returning customers by responding to every message or query raised by them. 

Boost online business

There are plenty of ways to boost online business and improve sales performance. By implementing a concrete business strategy, you can appear higher on the search engine and increase your online visibility. 

You can promote online art business using keyword optimization, email marketing, blogging, and social media. All these methods help to build connections with interested buyers. By establishing engaging relationships with your followers, you can leverage online sales.

To sum it up

There is no set rule for selling digital art online. What works for one might not work for another. The secret to successfully selling digital art online is maintaining consistency in your work. Add new content on a daily basis so that your accounts get updated regularly. Engage your returning and new unique viewers by posting mind-blowing artwork on your accounts on a daily basis.

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