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Since starting my business in 2005, there have been several clear opportunities for innovative marketing for health and senior care services. First, it was having a web site, then it was a virtual tour…testimonial videos, search engine optimization, and now there is a window of marketing opportunity for drone photography and video.

 Technology has decreased the cost of drones and increased the quality of the images. The cost will fit most budgets and the finished product will wow all.

Senior living communities across the nation take pride in offering a well-manicured, spacious campus with park-like splendor and a resort feel. Executives have concluded that they need to invest in stunning properties but are whiffing at a softball opportunity to showcase their masterpieces.

 Here are three reasons why senior living communities should use drones to market their communities:

1 . Appealing to all generations. Selling senior living to older adults and their children can be a lengthy and difficult process. No one wants to leave their home. No one likes the process of moving. Often the decision to move to senior living takes input from influencers inside the family -- adult children from whom older adults seek their approval for making the right choice. This represents an additional approval in the sales process. Generations perceive information differently and having high-quality aerial images reinforces the right decision to move into your community. This is especially important for absorbing sticker shock in attracting upper middle class residents and winning over their families. It also holds true for senior living campuses in the north where prospective residents have to envision what the place looks like without a foot of snow.

2. Promote the Experience, Online. Everyone is online. It is imperative that you have high-quality video on your web site and social media. As families are spread out and short on time, they will inevitably search you out. Video is the closest way for them to experience your community without being there. Aerial photos and videos represent progressive thinking and communicate to prospective residents that your community is innovative.

3. Now is the time. Literally, fall and winter are around the corner. More importantly, few senior living communities have quality aerial video and photos. For a limited time only, footage from a drone is a wow factor and differentiator. Many senior living communities are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves and their value from their competitors. Soon, the herd mentality will kick in and you could be behind the pack.

This article is probably not groundbreaking, but it is definitely something you will want to be aware of, and at a minimum allocate for in your next budget cycle.

THRIVE Media has helped hundreds of organizations that serve seniors, boomers and caregivers market their products and services. If you are an executive at an organization that serves seniors and would like to learn what THRIVE Media can do for your organization, contact us to schedule a conference call.

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