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Goal of Market Study & Benchmark Report for Bucks and Montgomery Counties

In publishing Lifestyles over 50 (L50) for over 11 years, THRIVE Media (publisher of L50) recognized that most non-medical home care organizations conduct their own market study to evaluate the competition’s client pricing, caregiver pay, scope of services and other metrics. We have found these market studies to be limited in both the number of organizations surveyed and depth of information offered. Inherently, the integrity of the information provided was also suspect.


THRIVE saw a need to conduct an anonymous, independent survey to (a) improve the care of seniors, and (b) empower home care companies to increase revenues and decrease operating inefficiencies by allowing home care providers to benchmark themselves against key performance indicators to measure their performance. Additionally, this report will allow community planners and other health and senior care organizations to adequately address the needs of an aging population.


Over 30 non-medical home care organizations were contacted for this survey. Not every organization met the qualifications to be included in this report. Disqualifying attributes included: a lack of clients, newness of business, and services not offered outside the organization’s senior living community. Also, not all respondents answered each question. In many cases, this is attributed to the respondent not knowing the answer. Most participants in the survey answered at least 85% of the questions.

The survey was conducted via electronic survey with follow-up questions performed conversationally with outlier or notable responses in effort to understand industry trends, best practices, challenges and opportunities. Additional and extensive research was done on the trends and best practices including interviews with local and state government offices, nonprofits, national professional organizations, research companies and other organizations that work with non-medical home care organizations.

The 2016 Buxmont Home Care Market Study and Benchmark Report covers the below topics:

Client Pricing & Service Analysis

  • Hourly Rates
  • Minimum Number of Hours
  • Average Number of Billable Hours per Customer per Week
  • Average Number of Clients
  • Top Sales and Marketing Challenges
  • Top Referral Sources

Caregiver Statistics & Information

  • Number of Caregivers by Organization
  • Caregiver Starting Wages
  • Desirable Traits in a Caregiver
  • Top Sources for Recruiting a Caregiver
  • Caregiver Tenure
  • Caregiver Challenges
  • Top Approaches in Mitigating Caregiver Challenges
  • Caregiver Call-Off Mitigation Methods
  • Caregiver Training
  • Caregiver Recruitment Costs

A copy of the Market Study Benchmark Report is available for purchase. Advertisers of Lifestyles over 50 and Clients of THRIVE Media receive a discount. For more information contact us for details This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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