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Since 2005, Lifestyles over 50 has worked with hundreds of businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to better communicate with baby boomers, seniors and caregivers. These services have included strategic planning, marketing consulting, video production, web design, graphic design, market studies, focus groups, benchmark reporting and more through the publishing owner Thrive Media. From the needs of our clients we also created several packaged content services for white label content and customized content. 

Small business has been on the frontier of digital marketing for over a decade. Weary business owners type away late into the night, reposting articles and inspirational quotes on Facebook and LinkedIn, hoping that the increased visibility on social networks blossoms into sales. Big brands have allowed small business to be their beta group -- utilizing their successes and struggles to create a more efficient way of procuring and distributing content.The world's largest corporations have partnered with publishing powerhouses like Rodale, Inc.'s Rodale Grow and newcomers Contently to create and distribute branded content on their behalf.


National publishers have noticed the opportunity to reinvent their business model. Recently, Condé Nast announced a plan, "23 Stories by Condé Nast", to provide branded content to advertisers.

So what does all this mean for small business? Most small businesses operate in a local or regional territory and within a particular industry. They have specific clients with specific needs and a limited budget -many large content publishers simply do not fit their needs.

Local, niche publishers have joined the branded content game

Local publishers, like national ones, are also reinventing themselves. Many have strong community connections and employ subject matter experts who write, shoot video and photograph. Local publishers are now providing services to create content for their advertisers.

Lifestyles over 50

Lifestyles over 50 is a local monthly magazine distributed in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania to baby boomers and active seniors. Lifestyles over 50 has been in existence since 2005 and has thousands of articles available for repurposing to the needs of local brands. In the Lehigh Valley, health and senior care organizations have long had a need for high-quality, local and expert content, not to mention the experience of navigating the traditional and new media outlets.

Thrive Media, publisher of Lifestyles over 50, formulized a system to offer a suite of services -- working directly with health and senior care companies to create and distribute custom and semi-custom branded content. Thrive's client base is growing too, and not just with local brands. Publishers such as Thrive are recognized within the industries they serve as marketing experts and have nationwide appeal. Thrive, for example, has hundreds of home care, senior living, hospital, medical, rehabilitation, and other health and senior care organizations that they provide services too.

This is just one example of a local branded content provider. If your small business is looking for content marketing help, consider picking up a local publication and give them a call. They might have what you are looking for.

If you are a home care, senior living or health care business seeking freelance writers, branded content and marketing help, call 855-233-7034.

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