Transitioning To Senior Living – Step One

senior move2 webTransitioning to Senior Living is not always easy. Some people move to downsize and free themselves from home maintenance, others for socialization and yet others for the assistance with daily activities. Regardless of the motivation, the move represents change, which can be emotionally draining.

One aspect of the move that can be made easy is selling your home. Using an experienced realtor not only helps you delegate the task but also ensures that you maximize your home’s value in a timely manner. Often people rely on their home’s equity to help fund their next stage in life; the sale of property is an important step in the transition to senior living.

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Things to Teach Grandkids Summer 2018

little girl attempts to blow dandelion webGrandchildren bond with their grandparents. So here are some things to teach them that build that bond.

This simple skill tops the wish list for preschoolers
everywhere. If your grandchildren already know how to whistle, teach them to use their fingers to make it extra-loud.

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Pennsylvania German Easter Lore

bunny adjIn addition to its religious tenor, Easter time conjures up images of brightly colored eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and pastel foil-wrapped chocolate candy in baskets, delivered by the Easter Bunny. But before you bite off the head of that chocolate bunny, let’s take a moment to consider where our Easter and Lenten traditions originated.

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Brain Health as You Age

smiling mother and daughter hugging webAmericans are living longer thanks to modern medicine and our understanding of disease prevention, diagnosis, and management; however, as a result we have also seen a significant increase in the number of older adults living with dementia. One of the most common questions I am asked, related to dementia, is, “how can I prevent this from happening to me?”

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Food For Thought Spring 2018

cheryl chef south mountain adjSouth Mountain Memory Care - Chef Cheryl Feist
Why do you want to work in a senior living community?
I take great pride in working with the senior population who may no longer live alone and cannot prepare homemade meals any longer so sometimes they resort to prepackaged or frozen foods. Most days you become their personal chef.
How do you modify recipes to make sure they are healthy?
There are so many different options to modify recipes to make them healthier. You can use puree or mashed fruit, pureed beans or soft tofu. I like to revise and do a taste testing with staff before we serve it to our community. 

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Colonoscopy Can Save Lives

colonoscopy1Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer
The risk of colorectal cancer increases with age. In fact, according to, the average age at the time of diagnosis for men is 68 and for women is 72. For rectal cancer, it is age 63 for both men and women. Older patients who are diagnosed with colorectal cancer face unique challenges, specifically with regard to cancer treatment. But, fortunately, colonoscopy can help reduce your risk.

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