Daylight Save-Us Time

sun sunrise heart handsAs I write this (or, technically, type this — the constant use of the keyboard has rendered my penmanship [Remember pens?] illegible), daylight saving time is fast approaching. Daylight saving time (DST) was suggested in different ways for centuries, but was not officially observed in the modern world until World War I in order to save fuel by cutting down on the use of artificial light.

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Things to Do with Grandkids - Spring 2022

nature grass person plant girl lawn spring webGo outside? Where is that? The combination of a cold winter and a continuing wariness about health have kept many of us indoors for so long that we can't wait to burst the bonds of our front door. This is especially true of kids who may have been schooling inside. Now that restrictions are easing and temperatures are rising, a lot of events and venues in the Lehigh Valley are back in action. Shouldn't you and the kids be, too?

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How Do Other Countries Celebrate Holidays?

holiday chrismas girl wonder webWe're glad you asked! Perhaps you have visited or lived in other countries, or have an interest in your ancestral heritage and would like to know or relive their holiday customs. Let's look at a few traditions.
There are about 17 countries that celebrate a form of Thanksgiving for various reasons.

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My Journey Into, and My Rescue From, Type 2 Diabetes

stomach sweets candy webAbout 30 years ago, after a routine blood test, my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic. I was not sure what she meant, so she explained that my blood sugar level was hovering around the lower end of the mark that is considered Type 2 Diabetes. At the time, I did not worry much because, of course, I felt I was invincible. Well, I was not invincible. Not long after the initial diagnosis, I was officially a Type 2 diabetic.

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Why You Should Record Your Family History

archive photo rgb webFirst, it was Alex Haley's Roots. Then, it was Currently, Henry Louis Gates's Finding Your Roots PBS show is sparking the latest trend in genealogy. For centuries, some religions and cultures have placed great emphasis on family history and ancestry. There is something special about discovering that your great-x5 grandfather was King Farquhar the Wiener or your maternal great-grandmother handed Betsy Ross the needle and thread.

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A History of Holiday Hymns

White christmas by the drifters US 7 inch red variant web“There's a song in the air! There's a star in the sky!” At this time of year, there are plenty of holiday songs in the air — and on the air — and plenty of stars in the sky; many of them Moravian stars, in home windows and store windows, porches and pine trees. No other holiday season knows of more popular songs than Christmastime. There are a few Thanksgiving and harvest-time songs, and one New Year’s Eve song that few except Olde English aficionados understand, but Christmas songs tip the scales in popularity. They come in many styles, so let’s take a look at a few.

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