In the Eyes of the World

level tool webIn the eyes of the world, my father was just an average man — never invented anything, never made a speech, never sat on a committee, rarely ever gave his opinion to anyone. Truth is, I couldn’t tell you much about what he thought, or even what his political leanings were. What I do know about is his heart. He served in the Army Air Corps during WWII and was in an airplane mishap when everyone bailed out. His parachute malfunctioned and he ended up with a steel plate in his knee, one in his head, and blind.

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My Name Is Connery, Sean Connery

Bond webThomas Sean Connery was born in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, Scotland, on 25 August 1930. Sir Sean died peacefully in his sleep in the Bahamas. "My name is Bond, James Bond." For movie watchers of the 1960s, that is one of the most familiar lines in movie history. It was the legendary spy 007's way of introducing himself.

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Veterans: A Blessing to Be Thankful For

Veteran Military Welcome webWe are approaching the holiday season roller coaster that starts on Halloween and climbs up the big hill until it rapidly descends, starting at Thanksgiving, and leveling off on New Year’s Day. November is usually identified with Thanksgiving Day, but there is another very important day in the month that seems to come and go too quickly: Veterans Day.

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Band of Brothers

drowning clinging to cross webThe term, "band of brothers," has been made famous in literature, history, entertainment, and politics. Its first known use was in Shakespeare's Henry V: "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother." The phrase was used in Wilhelm Tell, wound its way through both sides of the Mason-Dixon line in the Civil War, a WWII book and movie, and suffered a more contemporary resurgence with John Kerry in the 2004 election. It signifies fellows who share a close comradeship in a shared struggle, bonding as closely as actual blood ties can make them.

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For Timely Care, Veterans Can Go to Community Hospitals

veteran image webThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) strives to provide veterans with high-quality and timely services, said Lisa Moore, Coordinator, Managed Care Contracts. To help reach this goal, it has developed the VA Community Care Network, that contracts with community-based hospitals and other health care providers, including St. Luke’s University Health Network, for the delivery of services.

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Keeping Spirits High

Christmas smiling girl ornament webThe romanticized vision of the holidays is a house filled with loved ones from near and far,  all enjoying one another’s company and a feast of family favorites. Even in a typical year, this ideal is hard to achieve, but in 2020, with travel restrictions and health officials recommending against large get-togethers, it’s wise to lower expectations.
In fact, to limit the spread of COVID-19, Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Rachel Levine, on October 29, encouraged people to limit holiday gatherings to people who live within their own household. She acknowledged that it was a tremendous sacrifice to make, but a necessary one.

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